Quick and easy tracking of food waste for professional kitchens

Food waste has a big impact on the profitability of a restaurant. Up to 20% of all food waste is generated in restaurants. Tracking of food waste is often done manually, and when it’s busy it can be a slow and disrupting process. We want to bring food waste tracking and measurement into the daily life of the kitchen. That’s why we have made food waste tracking suitable for everyday kitchen life, i.e., quick and easy – saving staff time.

By tracking food waste and making it visible, food waste can be reduced – and money saved. The Biovaaka system is a solution for reducing food waste in professional kitchens. Because restaurants and kitchens are different, we offer different ways to track food waste. Have a look at our services and find a suitable solution for you!

Comprehensive and clear reports provide reliable information on food waste at different stages, making operational management and food waste reduction more effective.

By using the Biovaaka system, our customers have been able to make significant reductions in their food waste.

We would be happy to help you reduce your food waste and improve your bottom line!

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Let’s together find a food waste reduction solution that meets your needs

The first step in reducing food waste is to make food waste tracking a part of your daily life. It should be easy and fast. It is important to identify all the stages where food loss occurs. The Biovaaka system provides accurate information on the amount and type of food waste generated in a professional kitchen, at all.

For different needs, for all locations

Restaurants and professional kitchens are different in function and size, rarely does one product fit everyone. Our extensive service offering includes various solutions for tracking food waste. You can choose the right solution for you! All food waste data is collected in the same place and allows for the information to be tracked in detail and on a broad level.

Biovaaka Pro

Our offering includes the Biovaaka Pro system for comprehensive tracking of food waste in professional kitchens. The Biovaaka Pro system makes food waste tracking easy and fast. It is suitable even for larger sites. Biovaaka Pro allows you to categorize food waste in the level of detail you want!

Biovaaka Serve

Biovaaka Serve offers automated tracking of plate waste. The Biovaaka Serve system involves the restaurant’s customers in reducing food waste. The automated plate waste tracking system provides feedback to the guest on the discarded food and makes food waste visible. Biovaaka Serve is a great system for buffet operations, schools and educational institutions. In addition to tracking plate waste, the same system can also be set up to track other sources of food waste, providing you with information on all food waste in one package!

Biovaaka Flow – Our new system

Our LATEST application-based solution is Biovaaka Flow, which allows you to forget all pen and paper entries when tracking food waste. The Biovaaka Flow system is quick to set up, all you need is a kitchen scale and a phone, tablet, or computer to track food waste. Biovaaka Flow is a cost-effective option when you want to deploy Biovaaka at scale across the organization, without forgetting smaller sites.

Biovaaka View tuo ruokahävikin näkyväksi

Biovaaka View

Biovaaka View makes food waste information visible on larger displays! Making food waste visible helps to influence and engage everyone in the goal of reducing food waste.

With all our systems and services, you get a reliable partner and a team of experts to help you reduce food waste!

Each restaurant and kitchen has different needs, which is why we want to get to know how you operate on a daily basis. This helps us find just the right solution for you to reduce your food waste!

Contact us and we’ll help you find a food waste reduction solution that meets your needs.

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